Accurate Post Codes for the Wrld
PostCodeStar | Accurate Post Codes for the World
PostCodeStar | Accurate Post Codes for the World

Getting started with PostCodeStar

How do I get my code?

To get a code relative to a post code / zip code, just enter the post code in the search box and pick the one against the correct country. You can include other address details too for a closer match. Then just move the map around so the cursor is over the point you want. The code then changes in the search box as you move around.

If you want a global code, search for an address and move the map around. If the address search found a post code, just click on the 'go global' link to switch.

How do I search for a star code?

Just enter it into the search box and pick the match from the results. The map will then show the location.

This would be handy for my business. How can I use it?

Our global geo star code algorithm can work offline and needs only a small amount of data. We can also provide access to our API to find location by post code star codes.

Let's talk - here are our contact details.

What's next?

Android and Apple iOS apps are in development and should be ready in about a month. You'll see links on the main page once these are ready.