Accurate Post Codes for the Wrld
PostCodeStar | Accurate Post Codes for the World
PostCodeStar | Accurate Post Codes for the World

About PostCodeStar

What is it?

Extend or create postcodes for anywhere in the world to pinpoint a location to within 1 square metre.

Ever been frustrated when people can't find your house or office despite having an address and a Post Code or Zip Code? Or do you need to permanently pinpoint a location somewhere? Well PostCodeStar is for you. We've chopped up the entire globe into around 250 trillion squares of approximate 1 meter / metre and condensed it all into a few characters after a post / zip code.

While we were at it, we decided to go one further and give global codes for every location too.

So that's a resolution of just 1m and with codes that are shortest next to where most people live.

Our Geo Star Codes are either relative to a post code or global. Global codes start with * and post codes / zip codes have a star code attached to them.

Some examples include

Handy yeah? Oh, and your codes are free for ever.

The benefits of PostCodeStar